Build to Maximize the Power of the Rising Sun

Throughout civilization man has integrated his natural environment into the building of his home.  If we were cave dwellers first, you can be sure when we moved into structures we soon found they worked best when orientated toward the sun.  In some cultures, lots of thought goes into the direction your front door faces.   Some want it to face east, while many want a north or north-east direction so they get tons of sunlight in the morning.  A prayer attributed to Chief Seattle starts with asking the Spirit of the Light to “come to me from the east, with the power of the rising sun.”  In Asian cultures, Fung Shui is a serious practice the seeks to create the most harmonious conditions within your home based on its qi (ch’i), or energy flow.  The alignment of energy can be blocked if the construction of the home is not properly oriented, and the walls block air flow or sunlight.

Sunlight is essential to our overall health.  You often hear the term sun-kissed to describe a healthy complexion.  And since our skin is a barometer of good health, care should be given to its upkeep.  One of the best ways to do this is to have a regular routine based on the best beauty and grooming products available.  Since the multi-billion-dollar cosmetics industry introduces new products all the time, it’s hard to tell if you have the best products out there.  There’s no reason to search beauty counters all over town to solve this problem.  If you want the lowdown on the latest products on the market, but don’t have the time or money to invest in a new miracle cream each month, subscribe to Birchbox.  

You can get a subscription started with Groupon which has coupon codes on their website that will save 50% off the first order with subscription.  When you search the site, you find a variety of deals that will suit your budget.  You get started by filling out a profile, then explore the samples you’d like to try, chose the subscription level you want and before you know it, a pretty box is on its way to you.  A Birchbox subscription is a great gift because the recipient gets a surprise in every box each month.  Many find new products this way and buy full size containers as a result.  If you know someone who wants to maintain a sun-kissed complexion, tell them to do two things: buy a home that maximizes the power of the rising sun, and subscribe to Birchbox.

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